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Medications work differently in everyone

You have genetic variants that impact how you metabolize medications. ClarityX helps identify the best medications based on your unique DNA.

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The most up to date clinical guidance from the FDA including evidence based recommendations.

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Find out exactly which medications are right for you. Gain insights that you and your doctor can use to create a precise medication plan.

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Activate your kit online and perform a simple cheek swab. Return sample in the pre-paid envelope provided. 

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You will receive your personalized report in your ClarityX patient portal. Share your results with your doctors and get back to being you again.

Ordered by over 2000+ Physicians for their patients

A Clear Path To A Clear Mind

Which Test is Right for You?

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The ClarityX Mindwell Test will give you definitive answers as to how you will respond to mental health medications. Including clear insights on which medications will work best for your condition based on your unique genetic profile including:

✔ Clinical Depression 

✔ Anxiety Disorder

✔ Bipolar Disorder 




✔ Schizophrenia

Opioid Withdrawal

Pain Management

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Max Rx

ClarityX MaxRx goes beyond mental health giving you a complete picture as to which medications will work best for you, including medications that will require a dosage adjustment, and which drugs may put you at risk for unwanted side effects based on your genetic profile.

Including 16 additional therapeutic areas:

✔ Cardiovascular

✔ Diabetes

✔ Gastrointestinal

✔ Gynecology

✔ Antihistamines


✔ Rheumatology

✔ Neurology

✔ Pain

✔ Psychiatry

✔ Sleep Disorder Agents

✔ Anti Addiction Medications

✔ Overactive Bladder

✔ Dementia

✔ Alzheimers

✔ Multiple Sclerosis

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of patients with major depression do not respond to typical antidepressant medications
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of the population has at least one actionable gene mutation that affects drug metabolism
Why ClarityX

The Science Behind ClarityX

Pharmacogenetic testing is a clinically proven, genetic-based decision support tool that analyzes clinically important genetic variations that may affect your response to current and future prescribed medications.

The American Medical Association recognizes that Cytochrome P450 enzymes are responsible for approximately 70% of drug metabolism in the body.

Currently, more than 450 popularly prescribed medications contain pharmacogenetic information in their FDA approved labels.

The results of the test can help your doctor prescribe more genetically optimal medications and avoid medications that may cause side effects, be less likely to work and avoid future hospitalizations.

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What Our Community Has to Say

The ClarityX Advantage

ClarityX translates complex genetic jargon into a custom consumer friendly report anyone can read and understand. ClarityX results are displayed in an easy to read 3 column format. 

Yes! You can purchase a ClarityX test for someone else or your child. When they receive the ClarityX test they will activate their test kit online on our website. If the individual taking the test is a minor, a parent or guardian is required to give consent before completing the activation process.

We care about helping people that’s why we have an easy pay later feature powered by Klarna. Just click on this checkout link and get started.

The answer is Yes if you have experienced the following:

 Struggled with getting on the right medication.

Suffered with medications that just didn’t work for you.

Currently not on medication, and want to see which medications are right for you.

Had adverse side effects from medications in the past.

Got prescribed the wrong medication in the past.

 Wasted time and money on trial and error with medications.

Customer Support is available 9am - 5pm EST Monday - Friday at (800) 380-9758

ClarityX is a clinical and medical grade test ordered by over 2,000 physicians. ClarityX incorporates the most up-to-date clinical guidance from key scientific and governing organizations including CPIC and FDA.

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