What Happens When You Take Antibiotics On An Empty Stomach?


Ever wondered why you’re not supposed to take antibiotics on an empty stomach? Here’s a closer look at how antibiotics function and how genetic testing can help optimize your treatment. In 2016, over 270 million antibiotic prescriptions were written by doctors in the United States. Used to relieve and prevent bacterial infections, antibiotics are considered […]

Genetic Testing for Psychiatric Medications

genetic testing for Psych Meds

In the United States, every one in five Americans takes a psychotropic drug. These medications, also known as psychiatric medications, are typically used to treat mental conditions by altering the brain chemistry to influence behavior, mood and thoughts. With so many different medications on the market, it can be difficult to pinpoint the one that […]

Genetic swab test for medication

precision medicine lab

Every year, over 43 million Americans experience mental illness. While some people may have a temporary episode, others have ongoing conditions — about one in every 25 Americans lives with a serious mental condition, such as a psychotic disorder. The topic of mental health has traditionally been considered taboo, resulting in conditions going undiagnosed and […]

Why Most Medications Don’t Work As Intended

You’ve tried four or five different medications, but nothing seems to work. Everything your doctor prescribes does nothing for your condition–or the improvement is so insignificant that it’s not worth paying for the medication. Every day, you wish that you could just find the right medication and be done with it. Multiple factors determine your […]