Depression and Art

Depression art

Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses in the world, with over 264 million people reportedly suffering from depression symptoms. While everybody has their own unique experience with the illness, the majority of patients end up losing their interests and going through feelings of dread and hopelessness. If left untreated, depression will only worsen and […]

Depression Diagnosis

Pharmacogenetic Testing

Learn more about DNA testing and how it can help you find the best treatment for you. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, nearly 10% of all American adults will suffer from a depressive disorder at some point in their life. Characterized by feelings of sadness and hopelessness, depression is a serious mood disorder that can […]


Depression patient

When you’re feeling down, it’s normal to say things like “I feel depressed.” However, there’s a strong difference between feeling momentarily depressed and having depression. One is a temporary emotion brought on by a certain event — the other is an ongoing feeling of hopelessness and dread. If left untreated, depression can worsen and negatively […]

What To Do When Antidepressants Don’t Work

Women that takes antidepressants

Many people use antidepressants to treat mental health conditions. However, what happens if your antidepressants don’t work? Here’s a closer look at signs of ineffective antidepressants and how DNA testing can help. In the United States alone, over 37 million Americans take antidepressants. Used to treat a variety of mental health conditions, from depression and […]

Explaining Depression

Female patient With depression

Explaining Depression Everybody feels sad every now and then — it’s normal to be depressed when something upsetting happens, such as a job loss, traumatic incident or death. However, if you experience consistent, daily depression that interferes with your ability to complete basic tasks, then you may be suffering from a depressive disorder. Each year, […]