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Find the Right Depression Anxiety ADHD Medications Based on Your DNA

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What is a ClarityX Test?

The ClarityX Mindwell Test will give you definitive answers as to how you will respond to mental health medications.

Including clear insights on which medications will work best for your condition based on your unique genetic profile including:

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Medications work differently in everyone

You have genetic variants that impact how you metabolize medications. ClarityX helps identify the best medications based on your unique DNA.

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FDA Guidance

The most up to date clinical guidance from the FDA including evidence based recommendations.

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Medically Actionable

Find out exactly which medications are right for you. Gain insights that you and your doctor can use to create a precise medication plan.

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How it works

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1. Click The Get Started Button​

Request your ClarityX test and complete the checkout process.

2. Receive & Activate

Activate your kit online and perform a simple cheek swab. Return sample in the pre-paid envelope provided. 

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3. Receive Your Results​

You will receive your personalized report in your ClarityX patient portal. Share your results with your doctors and get back to being you again.


ClarityX translates complex genetic jargon into a custom consumer friendly report anyone can read and understand.

ClarityX results are displayed in an easy to read 3 column format Link 

Green = Medication that you can take 

Yellow = Use with caution and proper dosage 

Red = Avoid these Medications

The answer is Yes if you have experienced the following:

∙ Struggled with getting on the right medication.

∙ Suffered with medications that just didn’t work for you.

∙ Currently not on medication, and want to see which medications are right for you.

∙ Had adverse side effects from medications in the past.

∙ Got prescribed the wrong medication in the past.

∙ Wasted time and money on trial and error with medications.

ClarityX is one of only a few medical grade FDA approved tests on the market. Only CLIA and COLA Certified laboratories have the licensing and expertise to conduct this type of advanced molecular testing.

Customer Support is available 9am – 5pm EST Monday -Friday @ (800) 380-9758

No. ClarityX works with a network of physicians licensed in all 50 states to provide you with the order and genetic testing consultation.