Optimizing Healthcare With Genetic Testing for Medication Response

Find the Right Medication By Taking the ClarityX DNA Test

Most conditions are treated by a variety of different medications. Prescription medications will metabolize differently in everyone depending on your DNA. The ClarityX test helps you avoid the painful process of trial and error with prescription medications. ClarityX only reports on FDA approved medications.

You can select a ClarityX Mindwell Test or a ClarityX Max RX test. The ClarityX Mindwell test is designed for mental health medications including Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar, ADHD, & PTSD. ClarityX Max RX is designed to include an additional 16 therapeutic areas. If you’re not sure which test is right for you, you can speak to one of our specialists for assistance (800) 921-8957.

Find the Most Suitable FDA Approved Medication for Your Genetic Profile

ClarityX offers a seamless in-home testing experience. Simply select your test options and complete the checkout process. Once you receive your test kit you will need to activate it online, in your patient portal. Follow the test instructions and perform a simple cheek swab. Mail it back using the prepaid envelope provided. Once we receive your sample, we will run a complete analysis and post the results in your ClarityX patient portal online. Your report will break down each medication by therapeutic class in an easy to read 3 column format. You will have the option to seamlessly share your results with your treating provider.  

Which Medication is Compatible to Your Genetic Profile

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2. Receive & Activate

Activate your kit online and perform a simple cheek swab. Return sample in the pre-paid envelope provided. 

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3. View Your Results​

You will receive your personalized report in your ClarityX patient portal. Share your results with your doctors and get back to being you again.